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The Design Outreach is a virtual assistant company that works alongside experts in the travel and tourism industries.

At The Design Outreach, we have two loves and beliefs: design and travel. In today’s world, we live in an experience economy. That experience may be a life-changing travel adventure. Or, it may be going through a beautiful design process. We believe that both adventurous travel and creative design inspires innovation and collaboration. We are committed to meeting your design and travel needs in order to simplify and enhance your life and your business.


At The Design Outreach, we have years of specializing in the travel and tourism industry, from putting together travel adventures to studying tourism and local communities infrastructures.

We have the tools to help your company find its true personality and shine while helping you liven it up with some adventure while we are at it.  

Offering Design, Marketing and Travel Research  

Travel Research

Pinterest Marketing

Community Outreach Materials

Branding Services

Blog Content Research


At The Design Outreach, we believe in being socially responsible so for every project we will give 3% to 5% of the project price to an organization close to our hearts, Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR). The founder of The Design Outreach, Ashleigh, volunteered with DAR  during her time in India and was greatly impacted by the work being done within this organization.

DAR helps better the lives of street dogs (including Ashleigh’s rescue dog, Lumie!) in Northern India through neutering and rabies shots, a mobile clinic, adopting out street dogs to families and education. To learn more about DAR and their great work check out their website here.

What people are saying

I was struggling to keep up with all the tasks of being a travel blogger when a mutual friend introduced me to Ashleigh. It was a match made in heaven from the start! I shared with Ashleigh that I was buried in work and not sure where to begin to catch up. She took the time to look through all my projects and make suggestions on where she could best help me streamline the process. Then she spent time conducting valuable research, even finding unusual tidbits I could use in my stories. Not only that, Ashleigh took it upon herself to create a spectacular itinerary for an upcoming retreat I’m hosting in Italy. It was visually stunning and filled with helpful information on navigating Florence. I will definitely be using her talents on all my writing and retreat projects in the future. Ashleigh is efficient, flexible, easy to communicate with and a total joy! Linda Beach

Certified Dream Builder Coach, Retreat Leader and Freelance Travel Writer, A PASSIONATE DREAM LIFE

Ashleigh is engaged, puts in tremendous effort and always created well-designed reports for the research she undertook. She was my research assistant studying Cuba’s tourism infrastructure last January. Her project was creating a brand logo and business plan for a non-profit organization she met in Cuba and they loved it! Tracy S. Michaud

Chair, Tourism and Hospitality Program, University of Southern Maine

Ashleigh has helped me on multiple projects, keeping me organized to perform at my highest at work and be present at home. She effectively juggles multiple tasks, is proactive in identifying and tackling challenges and projects, and does all her work with grace and sensitivity. Ashleigh also has a beautiful eye for design, and can quickly turn an invitation, announcement or project accomplishment into an attractive graphics piece. I feel very fortunate to have found Ashleigh.

Kristina Egan

Director , Greater Portland Council of Governments