Ashleigh, the founder of The Design Outreach, believes passionately in helping travel-related companies reach their fullest potential. Ashleigh has a great love for design and responsible travel. The collaboration it can create when people are working together to create something beautiful. The community it can create while exploring the rich and diverse cultures of the world.
Ashleigh created her company to create beautiful branding, graphics, and marketing that inspires. She created her company to inspire adventurous travel and a newfound sense of wonder.

Inspires her clients.


Inspires a sense of community.


Inspires change.


Ashleigh graduated with a degree in Sustainable Tourism Development, earning certifications in Community Development and Energy & Climate. Ashleigh has spent time in Cuba as a Research Assistant, studying Cuba’s tourism infrastructure while living aboard the tall ship “The Harvey Gamage.” Ashleigh has been a Personal Assistant for over 8 years and is now bringing her skills to the virtual world.
Her first solo trip was to India in 2015, where she rescued her street puppy Lumie. Ashleigh is a chronic binge watcher of crime shows and drinker of chamomile tea.

Here at The Design Outreach, we live by our values.

We believe that beautiful design and thoughtful outreach builds a sense of community. We help our clients cultivate connections with their clients, their neighbors, and their community.

We think that beauty lies in the details. Whether those are details to your next travel adventure to see outdoor markets in Morocco or the unique fonts in your branding. We aim to show you that beauty.

At The Design Outreach we believe traveling has the ability to connect and bridge gaps.  We aim to promote tourism that benefits the local economy and protects the environment, whenever possible. Our long term business goal is to work closely with the ecotourism experts.

Hard work and professionalism are the backbone of any good business. Ashleigh’s father Michael, an entrepreneur himself,  instilled in all his children the importance of working hard. These are values we hold dear and aim to have in every project we work on.

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